Finnovation Limited was incorporated on 10-AUG-2018 as a Private company limited by shares registered in Hong Kong. It's company registration number is: 2733232, As so far the company has been running for 2 months, and 12 days. The company is Live now.

  • Company Name:
  • CR No.
  • Date of Incorporation:
  • Company Type:
    Private company limited by shares
  • Active Status:
  • Remarks:
  • Winding Up Mode:
  • Date of Dissolution:
  • Important Note:
  • Register of Charges:
  • Name History:
    Finnovation Limited
  • Source:

Dates for Annual Examination for Hong Kong Company - Finnovation Limited

Pursuant to sections 107 and 109 of the Companies Ordinance, all companies are required to submit to the Register of Companies an annual return in the specified form. A private company with a share capital must submit an annual return within 42 days after the anniversary of the incorporation of the company; the other company shall submit an annual return within 42 days after the date of the annual general meeting of the company. The Annual Examination date for finnovation limited is as follows:

Annual Examination Period Start date Due by
The first time 2019-08-10 2019-09-20
The second time 2020-08-10 2020-09-20

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